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USA homes currently have about 2% with solar system. By 2035 US home will increase to 35%. This big go green push is going on now. The tax credits have been a big factor in moving to solar for home owners.

usa solar home panels no up front costWe have a 25 year warranty on our product with cleaner energy. Look into long term solutions for savings on your electric bills.

Ask us about tax credits for your state and federal filings as we provide a certified install certificate to claim on your tax filings.

Solar is the fastest growing energy sector world wide. Technology has made the solar panels effective and efficient for home owners.

Are Solar Panels Worth It?

Solar panels are worth the investment in the long term.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), more than 3 million homes have converted to solar energy, with a million installations taking place in the last two years. Homeowners have discovered that solar energy provides several benefits, including long-term cost savings and a boost in home value. We have a no up front cost to put solar on your home.

With a solar system, you gain energy independence from electric companies and have added protection from unforeseen disruptions in the power supply. In addition, federal and state solar incentives help reduce installation costs, resulting in a better return on investment like tax credits. Our home solar systems become part of your home and not a lease like most others.

Currently Germany, Spain and Italy are the top three countries for solar at about 30% of all homes. Here in the USA we are just now growing in the solar home systems. Become part of this green wave and enjoy the long term savings.



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